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I still don’t know how to work out a poem.

A poem needs understanding
through the senses.

The point of diving in a lake

is not immediately to swim to the shore

but to be in the Lake,
to luxuriate in the sensation of water.

You do not work the lake out.

It is an experience beyond thought.

Poetry soothes and emboldens
the soul to accept mystery.

I Love mystery.

I found your fairy princess
on the wall in my room.

And you could make her out?

She wears a butterfly frock.

Wednesday Apr 4 @ 04:35am

Леонид Серебренников - Песня Арамиса (“Я не дуэлянт”) из т/ф “Д Артеньян и три мушкетера” (М.Дунаевский - Ю.Ряшенцев)

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Алла Демидова —  А.А. Ахматова. А в книгах я последнюю страницу…

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can you whisper

can you whisper

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When you first see a new picture, you
don’t want to miss the boat. You have to
be very careful because you may be staring
at Van Gogh’s ear.

Everybody wants to get on the Van Gogh
boat. There’s no trip so horrible that
someone won’t take it. The idea of the
unrecognized genius slaving away in a
garret is a deliciously foolish one. We
must credit the life of Vincent Van Gogh
for really sending this myth into orbit.
How many pictures did he sell? One? He
couldn’t give them away. We are so ashamed
of his life that the rest of art history
will be retribution for Van Gogh’s
neglect. No one wants to be part of a
generation that ignores another Van Gogh.

The beam of light shines through a small hole. It falls upon a
sleeping, dreaming, delighted face. It belongs to JEAN MICHEL

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